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Meet Stephanie

Thiq Fitness Founder

Stephanie began her fitness journey because she wanted to be able to play outside with her son. She attended her first class, a step aerobics class, and walked out because she couldn't catch on to the step combos. Eventually it would become one of her favorite classes. Her vocal call outs during class caught the attention of the fitness coordinator at the gym, who suggested she look into becoming an instructor. And a her journey as a fitness instructor began.

Stephanie is quick to say that she  does not fit the "typical" instructor look. She's Curvy and not a size 6. This is the very thing that endears her to her students.  She is the average woman, just like them. And seeing yourself in the instructor is an amazing motivator. She tells everyone mental preparation and a supportive accountabilty group is a crucial on your fitness and wellness journey.

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